“GEN’s programming is absolutely critical. I have so many girls that I’ve taught and if somebody could’ve stepped in and given them that extra boost, it would’ve really altered the course of things.”
– Austin ISD teacher and mother of a clubGEN participant

Let us help you with your school scorecard:

Increase attendance rate Reduce chronic absence rate
Increase retention of highly effective teachers Reduce discipline rate
Increase parent engagement Reduce dropout rate

We partner with 60+ Texas schools to improve educational outcomes for girls, parents and teachers with our Girl Connect program, parent outreach and professional development for teachers.

Girl Connect, for your students:

  • Is referral or recruitment-based
  • Happens during the daytime or after school
  • Modules may be customized to fit what you need
  • Can be facilitated from between 1 – 20 sessions on your campus
  • Aligns with TEKS
  • Improves school attendance and decreases disciplinary referrals
  • Teaches 6 C’s (Collaboration, Critical Thinking, Communication, Coping Skills, Creativity, Confidence)

Parent Education:

We stay connected to the parents of the girls we serve through regular phone calls, closed social media groups, email, and campus-based meetings.  We get parents to visit the school campus and engage in their child’s learning.

Professional Development for teachers

We provide in-person trainings delivered by real youth experts with school-based experience on topics such as:

  • Understanding student gender identity and how to talk about it
  • Understanding self-harm, why it happens and how to manage
  • How to create trauma-informed classrooms
  • Using a growth mindset to build students who believe in their abilities

Find Out More About Girl Connect:

The 6 C’s

TEKS Alignment

Curriculum Topics

Girl Connect Outcomes:

  • 98% of participants promote to the next grade on time
  • 94% of girls gain tools to better handle stressful situations
  • 90% of girls feel bonded with their peers
  • 86% of girls learn ways to achieve their goals
  • Girls who attend more often have higher school attendance
  • Girls who attend more often have lower disciplinary referrals
  • The highest risk girls show the most gains from Girl Connect

Questions?  Want to bring Girl Connect to your school? Contact us!

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