180 Program 180 Program


The Girls Empowerment Network now has an innovative program working with girls who are involved or at high-risk of becoming involved with the juvenile justice system. The 180 program offers educational groups which provide girls support, helpful information and new skills to cope with tough situations they are facing.


During these sessions, girls get a chance to practice decision making and problem solving skills and get feedback from other girls in groups.


Topics of 180 groups include:making and keeping positive friendships; assertive vs. aggressive communication; handling issues with authority; healthy sexuality; teen dating violence/abuse and dating relationships; drug use and abuse; mother/daughter relationships; goal setting; and future planning.

Who is eligible for 180?

Girls who are eligible for participation in 180 include girls who are currently involved in the juvenile justice system; who have charges pending but are not formally involved with the juvenile system; or those who are in grave danger of becoming involved with the juvenile justice system. Girls in 180 are typically there due to fighting, truancy, shoplifting, or possession or consumption of drugs or alcohol.


Can my child be in the program even if she is not in the juvenile justice system but I am worried about her?

180 is specially designed with the needs of high-risk girls in mind. Most girls will be referred to 180 from a juvenile probation officer, truancy office, case manager, or social worker. Space permitting, a girl may be considered for 180 if she has been charged with an offense but not yet gone to court (i.e. as a diversionary program). A girl may also be considered for 180 if her parent or guardian has great concern regarding her behavior, including fighting, truancy, shoplifting, or substance abuse yet she has not yet been formally involved with the law.


180 also operates in select schools. If you are interested in bringing 180 to your school, please contact 180 Coordinator Beth Donnan at beth@genaustin.org or 512-808-4044 x. 104.


My child is in the juvenile justice system, how do I get her into this program?

Please ask your juvenile probation officer or case manager about a referral to 180. If they are unaware of the program, please contact Beth Donnan, for an intake form. Please have your daughter’s probation officer or case manager’s name and phone number handy when calling.


For more information about the 180 Program, contact Beth Donnan at beth@genaustin.org or 512-808-4044 x.104.