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GirlConnect’s goal is to address the challenges girls face in their daily lives by incorporating technology and 21st century skills into an engaging and interactive curriculum.

Girls who engage with GirlConnect’s technology infused curriculum will collaborate, communicate and leave with new ideas, new technology skills and a positive sense of self. GirlConnect is a safe place for self-expression, exploration and learning.  Girls are able to understand and use the technology presented in our curriculum in a safe, positive and productive way.



GirlConnect Infused Programming

GirlConnect promotes confidence and competence in technology in three ways:

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GirlConnect collaborates with GEN programs ClubGEN and 180 to bring STEAM activities to groups.

GirlConnect provides stand alone workshops on topics such as body image, media literacy, friendship, and healthy relationships, stress management, and social media. Sessions include hands-on activities incorporating technology.


GirlConnect workshops are offered during school, after school, or on weekends, depending on your availability and need.

Workshops are 1 1/2 hours long.

Things to note:
  • We can accommodate groups of 8 – 24 girls
  • Workshops can be tailored for each grade, 3rd-12th
  • We can provide Dell laptops and/or Dell tablets for the girls to use
  • We can provide our own internet, but wireless connection availability is preferred
  • GirlConnect workshops are FREE
For a complete list of all the workshop topics we offer click here.

GirlConnect Codes is a semester long  program that engages high school girls in interactive curriculum that introduces them to web development basics and mentors from the Austin technology community

GirlConnect is a Dell Powering the Possible partner with Dell’s Youth Learning Initiative

DELLDell’s Youth Learning initiative works to close the learning gap for thousands of young people across the country who lack access to quality programs, education, technology and tools to learn.
Additional details on charities and programs selected this year can be found at


The Youth Learning initiative is a component of Dell’s new 2020 Legacy of Good Plan and Powering the Possible, a long-term framework to aggregate and accelerate the ways that Dell and its IT solutions help customers, Dell team members and communities make lasting contributions to the planet and society.


As part of Dell’s 2020 Legacy of Good Plan, Dell plans to help 3 million youth directly and support 10 million people indirectly over the next seven years. The company also plans to support youth learning partners with help from team members looking to engage in community service as the company plans to provide five million cumulative hours of service to outside organizations by 2020. As a global technology leader, Dell believes it can be a powerful force for good and help provide young people with a more promising future.


Michele Glaze, the Director of Dell Giving North America said, “In today’s connected and rapidly changing world, children are finding new and exciting ways to learn, inside and out of the classroom. Our contributions to these partners will ensure that the exciting opportunities presented by technology-enabled learning environments are made available to all children, regardless of their socioeconomic status.”


To learn more about Dell’s giving program visit:

To check out our great list of websites we use in our Real Beauty workshop and to see our awesome eZines written by girls click here!

Questions and/or to schedule a workshop, please contact Ally Miller-, (512) 808-4044 ext. 109


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